Who we are

The Vancouver IMPACTFest Conference is brought to you by IMPACTFest, a Non Profit Organization.

IMPACTFest is non-Profit Organizations based in Sydney, Vancouver and El Paso, Texas. Our team of developers and technologists have expert experience spanning over three decades. Some of our prestigious clientele have included NASA, PBS and National Geographic.

Why VR and Experimental Films?

We believe that advances in technology are continually shaping our future and the way we connect to each other. It is changing the way we entertain and educate ourselves. Virtual Reality games and films will bring new immersive experiences to people like never before!

IMPACTFest Global’s mission is to increase awareness world wide in new technologies and social, indigenous and environmental issues. We accomplish this through education and informative multi-media events as well as broadcast television and online media distribution. Our focus is utilizing breakthrough technologies in the fields of robotics and holograhics as well as virtual and augmented reality, to capture audiences of all ages and abilities, and educate the next generation.

Allowing kids and young adults to connect to these technologies, which they may not otherwise have access to, and develop new creative thinkers, is our primary goal.


Our very experienced team of judges from content creation and software creation technological backgrounds will endeavor to bring the best VR film and gaming works to the forefront.

Categories include:

* Best Virtual Reality Drama under 15 minutes
* Best Virtual Reality Drama over 15 minutes
* Best Virtual Reality Comedy, Best Virtual Reality Horror/Suspense
* Best Virtual Reality Animated Film, Best Virtual Reality Sci-Fi.
* Best Virtual Reality Game Experience
* Best Experimental Short Film
* Best Experimental Feature Length Film

Engaging Festivals

Our IMPACTFest international festivals bring together artists and audience to showcase new innovations in content creation. Attendees are able to see award winning works and also talk directly with directors, actors, and technologists. In some cases our team can also help secure funding for future projects, and with marketing and/or distribution for award winners.

Contact us for more information.

Sponsorship Information