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November 4th, Monday – 1pm

Tong Min, (PonderEd Education/University Canada West)

Title: Understanding-based education inhibits brain development

Education is to develop brain power to think and analyze to make logical decision. However current education methods are not as effective as expected. In fact, the understanding-based education inhibits brain development. It is because once a concept is understood and known, there is little room left for the brain to think. In order to develop brain power, students have to use their brain to find knowledge instead of relying on the knowledge provided by teachers. In other words, students have to learn how to build formula instead of learning to use formula. The thought process-based learning and teaching method is a novel learning and teaching method that tackles brain directly. This method has been applied in a small class setting at University Canada West and the outcome shows that it is highly effective. In this workshop, short background information about thought process-based education in comparison with the common educational methods (understanding-based, goal-driven, and curiosity-based education) and example methodology will be provided.

November 4th, Monday – 3.30pm

Dr. Amit Kohli
Faculty University Canada West

Title: Design of experiment using response surface methodology

Dr. Khhli did Postdoctoral Research and served as a Senior Engineer at the University of Arizona, USA. I received Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at the National Institute of Technology, India. With 14 years of teaching experience to undergraduate and postgraduate classes. I was bestowed by Best teacher award and Young scientist award. I have about 50 research papers to my credit. My papers are published in various Global journals of repute like Taylor & Francis, Springer, Inderscience etc. He participated in various International conferences held in countries such as in the UK, Italy etc. He is a publisher of two books. I have two patent designs. He will be conducting one hour workshop to show:

1) how we can optimize the process parameters using design expert software,
2) also multiple characteristics optimization will be shown
3) outliers will be pointed out using an example.
4) normal probability graphs will be highlighted
5) 3D graphs showing the relationship between parameters will be highlighted.

November 4th, Monday – 4.30pm

Dr. Michele Vincenti
University Canada West’s BCom & MBA program

Title: Leadership  and Management

Dr. Vincenti teaches courses in corporate finance, strategy, and management consulting in University Canada West’s BCom & MBA programs. With over 30 years of experience in the financial sector, both as a consultant and as an executive in financial institutions, Dr. Vincenti holds positions at several different universities teaching in business and management programs. As the president of Alvana Business Consulting Inc., he also offers consulting expertise to his clients in the area of wealth management, leadership and business start-ups.

November 5th, Tuesday 11am

Dr. Mark Pezarro
Academic Director, BA in Management

Title: Nuclear Fusion: Star Tech or Clean Tech?

City University in Canada
Dr. Mark Pezarro will review the principal approaches to nuclear fusion, its history, the current state of R&D and the most promising applications for commercialization of this technology which many regard as the holy grail of clean energy.

November 5th, Tuesday – 1pm

Title: Digital Economy, Decentralized Networks and the Blockchain Tech

Dr. Abeba N. Turi
Instructor University Canada West

Dr. Abeba N. Turi is a scholar with expertise in the Digital Economy. She obtained her PhD (with an 
international mention) specializing in the areas of the Digital Economy at the Rovira i Virgili University in Spain. She has a Masters degree in Economics and Finance from Charles University in Prague and a BA Degree in Economics from Hawassa University. Dr. Turi has served in various higher education teaching positions. Dr. Turi has taken part in three international projects. She has worked as an assistant researcher in a co-utility project, with a theme of “Conciliating Individual Freedom and the Common Good in the Information Society” in Spain, funded by the Templeton World Charity Foundation. She has also participated in the preliminary project draft of two CTI projects at the HES-SO Valais, Institute of Entrepreneurship & Management in Switzerland. The CTI projects she has taken part are PACIOLI building trust company of the future and HEALTH LOTTERY. These are applied research in collaboration with a Swiss Company WinBiz and the later with the HealthBank. Both of the projects mainly focused on disintermediating the traditional form of business through new technological
solutions. Dr. Turi has recently been a collaborating researcher at the Blockchain@UBC, a research cluster working on the applications of the digital ledger technology mainly on the economics of blockchain tech and its applications in the referral economy. Dr. Turi’s research works have been presented in a number of international indexed conferences in Spain, Italy, Germany, the UK and China. Dr. Turi is a co-author of the book Co-utility: Theory and Applications, published by Springer in 2017. Since recent years, she is actively involved in the disruptive tech space. She has attended a certified summer institute program on the Blockchain technology hosted by the University of British Columbia,
Canada. Dr. Turi identifies herself as a “Disruptive Tech and Decentralization” Enthusiast. Her research interest areas include Digital/Collaborative Economy, Tech Policy Analysis, Empirical Data Analysis, Mechanism Design and Game-Theoretic Analysis, Economics of Blockchain and its Applications, Experimental Economics, and Business Model Innovation and Design. Dr. Turi has strong leadership skills. Beyond her career in the field of the academic, she has also served as admin support at the ISSofBC. Currently, Dr. Turi is an instructor at the University Canada West in Vancouver.

November 5th, Tuesday – 3pm

Title: Blockchain Disruption

Hussein Hallak
Founder & Chief Curator of Vest in Canada, VP Strategy & Products at 3 tier logic,
Founder of Next Decentrum, Evangelist at Launch Academy.

Strategic advisor for several successful startups. Featured in Forbes, BBC, BetaKit, Entrepreneur, DailyHive, Notable, and CBC.

Discover Blockchain Technology and Prepare Yourself For Next Technology Revolution. Become better informed. Step up your game.
Today’s top companies are looking for highly informed tech-minded professionals who are not just focused on business as usual. With this workshop, you can explore what is blockchain, find out how it will disrupt your industry, and learn how to prepare for a new blockchain dominated future.

What will you learn from this workshop?
What is Blockchain? – Learn the fundamental concepts and building blocks of Blockchain Technology
What is possible? – Find out how will blockchain disrupts every industry, not just the financial markets?
How to win? – Discover how to stop playing catch up and future-proof your career, your business and yourself.

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